We approach every transaction with the intention of meeting and exceeding your expectations. We make sure the only surprises you get are good surprises by searching for the unexpected and striving for perfection. Real estate is not our hobby; it is our life and profession. We enjoy working with people from all locations and backgrounds, and after 21 years in Jackson Hole we have helped many discover the joys of living in our amazing community. The people we have met are now part of our life and family and we conduct their business as if it were our own. We help people look beyond the horizon by opening their eyes to find precisely what they need.


Detailed, accurate market analysis, local trends and experience in Jackson. We tend to know what is happening in the market place before it is reported; we watch the trends and observe the highs and lows. Comparable home sales information to assist you and access the pricing and future potential of property you’re interested in. Creative marketing ideas including innovative website design at www.JacksonHoleExperts.com, consistent local newspaper presence, professional marketing brochures, property flyers and a local moving truck to name a few. A practiced and fine-tuned approach to finding the home that matches your needs. A sincere love and passion of real estate and the details that go along with real estate – including financing, title work, inspections and everything else that goes along with the journey.



Running as top producers in Jackson Hole. We personally accounted for 5% of the real estate transaction total for the entire MLS area. We are proud to be associated with the strongest real estate firm in Jackson, Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates.


We are passionate about Jackson Hole. We are down to earth, dedicated to work, family and are self-disciplined in our approach. We work as a team and have systems to check and double check the details. We see each transaction as an opportunity. We do not take that opportunity for granted. We are experts at negotiating, we are listeners and anticipators. We are known for giving people much more than the usual overview of their next property and neighborhood. We will point out where the sun rises and sets and what affects it has on the property. We will point out the nearest hiking and fishing spots. And if you ask us, we’ll show you the landscape within the valley and all the nooks and crannies that make the Jackson Hole valley the special place it is.


BORN- and raised in Naples, Florida (Christy) – Milwaukee,Wisconsin (Garth) – Jackson Hole native, (Jocelyn, daughter, 13 years old). ATTENDED – University of Denver. MARRIED – to each other in Jackson 20 years ago. HOBBIES – hiking, fishing, skiing and being a family. WHAT brought us to Jackson Hole…the call of the mountains. KEEPING us here – the incredible quality of life and sense of community Jackson Hole, Wyoming has to offer.